Monday, 4 November 2013

Αναφορά του διαδικτυακού μέσου Labour List στο συνέδριο του CLASS

500 trade unionists activists, Labour activists, politicians, campaigners and academics from all over the country came to TUC Congress House yesterday for the first National Conference of the Centre for Labour and Social Studies (Class), the independent think tank founded by the trade union movement.

[...] The central theme of Class Conference 2013 was the construction of a new political economy. Billy Hayes, General Secretary of CWU, and others pointed out that Class has a key role to research, analyse and prove that there is a popular and credible alternative to austerity. Conference saw the wheels of this role being set into motion, with practical ideas like housing and education policy being discussed alongside political analysis – like Professor Costas Lapavitsas developing his ideas on financialisation, and Marianna Mazzucato explaining the vital role of the state in innovation.